5th annual Poker Run

Stops detailed in a new email which will go out after the 3rd (in case you can’t make the meeting).

Driver Registration Fee: $55.00 (Includes one poker hand, one t-shirt, one dinner ticket, and one adventure packet)

Registration form here! Download, print, and mail soon as space is limited.

Notes on the Poker Run: This year we are heading to the northeast. There are five mandatory stops for card pick ups but a multitude of other optional sites for you to explore (these are described in your adventure packet). We will begin our day at the Albany Pump Station around 9:30 or 10:00am. You can get to the card stops in any order at any time but you must be back at the Pump Station for a delicious buffet dinner at 6:30pm. Poker hands are revealed (all the cards are in sealed envelopes) after dessert and in between raffle drawings. The winning hand splits the pot with their favorite charity.

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